In 2016 I was fortunate enough to be able to go on exchange to the University of Surrey in England. I studied subjects such as Microbiology and Immunology, and began to gain real interest in how diseases can impact upon human health and how they can be treated, and I realised that dietetics sounded like the perfect career for me.

After my trip, I decided to end my veterinary bioscience studies and pursue what I really loved, food (combined with science of course). This led me to applying and eventually being accepted into a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Dietetic Practice at La Trobe University. I’m currently half-way through the four year course and I absolutely love it. I feel so much more invested and engaged in learning than any other time in my life, and look forward to be able to contribute to this field in years to come.

With all that being said, now that I am a dietetics undergraduate student I hope for this website to be more than just recipes! You can expect to see more blog-style posts from me about various nutrition related topics and my experiences as a vegan dietetics student.

Zoe (@veryhungryvegan)